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Postal Service To Go Forward With Indiana Consolidations

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Photo: Genbug (Flickr)

The U.S. Postal Service is cutting back so it can fund retirement for its employees.

The U.S. Postal Service says it is following through with consolidation plans for its mail processing centers across Indiana. Spokeswoman Mary Dando says the consolidation is among other factors in response to the Postal Service not knowing if Congress will help it cope with a $6.9 billion payback to its retirement fund.

“We’re running out of money, and it‘s difficult when on one hand, our first class mail is declining, and on the other hand, we‘re increasing the number of addresses that we deliver to,” she says.

Dando says if USPS does not see action from Congress by May 15, it will merge several mail processing operations.

The processing center in Gary will close, moving operations to Bedford Park, Illinois. Mail operations from Bloomington, Lafayette, Muncie, Kokomo, and Columbus will all move to Indianapolis. Terre Haute mail operations will be split between Indianapolis and Evansville,  while the South Bend center will close, with its operations moving to Fort Wayne.

Mail volume for the postal service has dropped by 25-percent since 2006. Dando says they have been awaiting comprehensive postal legislation from Congress, which may include a plan to allow the postal service to end mail delivery on Saturdays.

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