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Positive Auto Sales Show Boost To Indiana Car Industry


Photo: Indiana Public Media

National car sales numbers for August show both positive and negative growth, but Indiana auto executives say they are optimistic about future sales.

The August U.S. automotive industry sales numbers were a mixed bag of good and bad news for car companies across Indiana. The sales numbers were largely positive for American car companies, with Chrysler, GM and Ford all showing double-digit increases.

Chrysler in particular had a strong showing, posting a 31-percent rise, allowing it to surpass Toyota for third in the U.S. auto market. United Auto Workers Local 685 Vice President Jerry Price, a Chrysler employee in Kokomo, says the positive sales figures help morale at the plant, which he believes affects quality.

“Is Chrysler out of the woods yet? Absolutely not,” he said. “We know that we’re not going to show an over thirty percent sales increase every month but we’re headed in the right direction.”

Honda’s August sales told a much different story. Still feeling the effects of the Japanese earthquake in March, Honda’s sales fell 24-percent last month. But Honda Manufacturing of Indiana spokeswoman Anita Sipes says the Greensburg plant is getting back up to full production and is restarting its second shift in October.

“As we get back to full production after that earthquake and tsunami, we have some overtime planned in October,” she said. “So things are looking up and we’re positive that sales are going to look better in the months to come.”

U.S. automotive sales overall rose seven and a half percent last month.

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