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Washington Post Columnist Focuses on Economy

Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington hosted the sixth annual O’Bannon Institute on Friday. The event is intended to highlight the importance of community service and included a panel discussion. On the agenda, the historic presidency of Barack Obama, specifically his first one-hundred days in office and the challenging economy.

The keynote address featured Washington Post columnist and regular contributor to MSNBC, Eugene Robinson. One of the world’s most prestigious journalism awards, the coveted Pulitzer Prize was awarded to Robinson for his commentary that chronicled, analyzed and anticipated Barack Obama’s presidential election.

“Basically I think the first 100 days is artificial, why 100 days versus 200 days. With that said I think this administration encountered a situation with more uncertainty and more problems and crises in a sense than most administrations. Arguably if you’re talking about the economy he had a bigger challenge than anyone since Franklin Roosevelt…this is an administration on steroids.”

Robinson also states that American people are more patient than some cultures. And perhaps tolerating the government spending trillions of dollars on bail-outs is a little more complex.

“They don’t particularly like spending a trillion dollars to bailout irresponsible bankers who cause the problems in the first place,” said Robinson. “However, their patient there’s a certain acknowledgement that maybe this is so complicated that we should give the administration time…perhaps this I the best way to precede in the long run.”

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