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Police Remove Tent During Occupiers’ May Day Protest

  • Occupy tent

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    Photo: Angelica Heng/Indiana Public Media News

    Police take down the tent that occupiers erected on the property at 10th St. and N. Rogers St.

  • Occupiers with police

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    Photo: Angelica Heng/Indiana Public Media News

    Occupiers sit on the tent that police took down during a May Day protest.

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    Photo: Angelica Heng/Indiana Public Media News

    Police said Occupiers were allowed to gather but could not erect a structure on city property.

Occupy Bloomington demonstrators gathered Tuesday morning at 10th and Rogers streets to commemorate May Day, but Bloomington police intervened before an encampment could take hold. A tent was put up by the Occupiers, but police tore it down after about an hour.

Protestor Joe Varga says the movement resembled demonstrations that took place in the 19th century.

“And that’s why we are here today,” he says. “We are celebrating American workers and their right to stand up for themselves and not ask for anything but to demand it and take it if they need to.”

Indiana State Police, Bloomington Police and Indiana University officers arrived when the Occupiers put up the tent. Bloomington Police Chief Mike Diekhoff says people are allowed to gather, but they are not allowed to erect any structure on city property. The tent was removed, but the Occupiers stayed with the intention of remaining throughout the day.

Organized May Day demonstrations are taking place in 135 U.S. cities across the country, including New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Indiana Public Media News reporter Kyle Clayton contributed to this report.

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