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Police Patrol For Underage Drinkers During Little 500

Police encourage students to stay safe

Photo: Indiana Public Media

Police say an additional 40 officers will be working in Bloomington this weekend.

The Indiana State Excise Police says they are increasing efforts this year to stop underage drinking in Bloomington during Little 500.

The police recently began a new program called the Intensified College Enforcement Program that boosts police patrols in select college-towns.

Indiana State Excise Police spokesperson Corporal Travis Thickstun says as a part of that program, 40 additional officers will be working in Bloomington this weekend.

“We’re looking primarily for things like illegal possession and consumption of alcohol, furnishing alcohol to minors, possession and use of false IDs, operating while intoxicated and related offenses,” Thickstun says.

Indiana State Police spokesperson for Monroe County Curt Durnil says his department wants to remind students to stay safe.

“Just watch out for each other. Make sure that nobody goes home with anybody that they’re not supposed to. If somebody has had too much to drink, make sure that they’re not driving home,” Durnil says.

Durnil says about 75 percent of the arrests made during the Little 500 each year is because those individuals have drawn attention to themselves. Durnil encourages people to have a good time during the races, as long as they are staying within the law.

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