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Police Issue Record Number of Welcome Week Alcohol Tickets

The students are back in Bloomington and many are out celebrating with friends. This weekend, excise officer Lieutenant Chris Bard was looking for minors who were drinking, cars with too many passengers and people who had too much to drink.

This crackdown is part of  the Intensified College Enforcement Program, or ICE, launched last semester.

The intoxication laws are actually less strict than in years past–people can only be charged with public intoxication if they endanger themselves or another person, harass another person or are in danger of breaching the peace.

“The change in the public intox laws, that hasn’t changed the way we go about doing things either,”  Bard said. “Typically in the past anybody that we’ve arrested for public intox has already met one of those criteria that the public intox law was changed to.”

Police issued 258 tickets compared to last year’s 191. Bard says he has also seen an increase in the blood alcohol content in minors over the years, a trend he is concerned with.

Police say four people were so intoxicated this weekend they had to be taken to hospitals, and two-dozen people were taken into custody.

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