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Planned Parenthood Extending Funding For Medicaid…For Now

planned parenthood Bloomington

Photo: Barbara Krawcowicz (Flickr)

Planned Parenthood in Indiana has had all of its federal funding cut.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana will extend its funding of Medicaid patients at least a week further after receiving more donations.

After a federal judge denied a stay of a law cutting off government funding to Planned Parenthood in Indiana, including Medicaid reimbursements, the organization announced it would use other funds to cover Medicaid patients until May 21.

Thursday, Planned Parenthood announced it will continue funding those patients until at least May 30. Spokeswoman Kate Shepherd says that’s possible because of a steady stream of donations.

“We’re doing that thanks to an outpouring of support from donors around the country and frankly, around the world,” she said. “We’ve gotten contributions from as far away as Belgium and we have several come in last night from the United Kingdom.”

Planned Parenthood has received around $20,000 in the last week or so. Shepherd says one fundraising letter went out after Governor Mitch Daniels announced he would sign the law, and more fundraising and informational efforts are planned, but that’s not where most of the donations are coming from.

“But what we’re really seeing,” she said, “are a lot of one-time donations from people who’ve never given to Planned Parenthood of Indiana before.”

Shepherd says Planned Parenthood will reevaluate its finances again before May 30.

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