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Pizzeria Trades Stocks for Slices

An Indiana pizza parlor owner is pitching his own bailout plan for Hoosiers reeling in the recession. For customers short of cash, he’ll take stock shares in return for pizza pies. Andrew Goth owns two Greek’s Pizzerias in Indiana, including one in Bloomington. Like a lot of small business owners, it’s not the first time he’s used the barter system.

“Oh yeah, I trade for everything,” Goth says. “I trade for hats, shirts – we trade for pizza supplies. I’ve traded pizza for advertisement … we do a lot of that.”

Goth says he’s banking on a stock market rebound, and he’s willing to stake some pizzas on the gamble. He says he’s already agreed to swap for 100 shares of Hewlett-Packard stock. This week, that stock’s been trading at around $35 a share. Last Christmas it was worth more than $50. Goth says all pizza-for-stock trades are subject to his approval.

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