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Parasite Spread By Ticks Inching Closer To Indiana

Deer tick on a leaf

Photo: Scott Bauer (WikiMedia)

Deer ticks are passing along the parasite.

Babesisosis attacks a person‘s red blood cells and if left unchecked can be deadly. It was first discovered in the 1960s, but seems to be making a comeback. Deer ticks are passing along the parasite.

Dr. Jennifer House with the Indiana Department of Health said deer ticks are common in Indiana, but so far there are no documented cases of anyone infected by the parasite. She said if you have flu-like symptoms and you’ve been recently bitten by a tick, that would be a good time to see your physician and let them know you have symptoms.

It appears the problem is already in the Northeast. Cases are popping up in Wisconsin and experts believe it is moving west. It‘s possible deer ticks in Indiana are already carrying the deadly parasite, but with no reported cases, no proof exists that it has arrived.

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