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Paoli Finds Unique Solution For Vulture Problem

White-backed vulture at Miami's Metrozoo.

The small town of Paoli has a big vulture problem, and local officials are planning a unique solution.

Paoli Animal Control Officer Justin Burton says vultures are tearing off roofs, invading parks, and their feces is even killing trees.

The problem started more than a year ago, but a solution is in sight.

Burton is waiting on a permit from the Department of National Resources to allow him to hang dead vultures from prominent roosting trees in Paoli.

“The point of doing this is, the birds are highly intelligent, so when they notice that there’s a dead bird that’s in their flock, that that’s danger to them,” Burton says. “So, in theory, they will leave.”

Burton will have to shoot and kill vultures as part of the process.

It wasn’t his first choice. Burton tried using blank shotgun shells to scare the birds off. But it only worked if done on a daily basis.

Burton says he thinks the dead vultures could provide a more long-term solution.

“So our hopes are that take a minimum amount of birds and hopefully get the birds to leave the area,” Burton says.

He hopes to have the necessary permit secured by May.

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