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Pantry 279 Asking For Thanksgiving Donations

Cindy Chavez, Director or Pantry 279 with the After Hours Donation Box.

Cindy Chavez, Director of Pantry 279 with the After Hours Donation Box. (Kirma Swords Schulz)

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, Pantry 279 is looking for help to feed 1,500 needy families this holiday season. 

The pantry started four years ago when a local Girl Scout troop saw a need and met it head on. Pantry Director, Cindy Chavez says that around the holidays a lot of people are in the giving spirit, but hunger doesn’t stop after Christmas.

“Come January those donation drop off and during the summer they’re almost non-existent, not just for us for everyone,” Chavez says.

She says they are still in need of 750 turkeys, 224 hams, 200 chickens, and a slew of sides to make this holiday season bright for so many families.  

Chavez says they never turn anyone away and don’t ask questions of anyone that comes in looking for donations. She says she enjoys her volunteer work.

“I get to meet a lot of people and I actually kinda feel like they’re my friends now and I hope they feel that I’m their friend. My hundred laughs and says you feed half the universe. I don’t feed half the universe but I might feed half of Indiana,” Chavez says.

The Pantry is located at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ellettsville. They are open every day, starting Saturday for Thanksgiving donation drop-offs. Monetary and food donations can be made in person, via paypal, or online.

Their distribution day for Thanksgiving meals is November 23rd from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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