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Panel Discussion Agrees Racism Still Exisits in Our Society

Five panelists participated in a program “Race in the Age of Obama.” About 100 people polled in the audience feel racism still exists in our society.

Bill Shipton, Director for Student Programs and Services in the Division of Residential Programs and Services said, “There’s such a fear about talking about race and it plays out in the end in the poll issue to be colorblind and the students I work with don’t even want to talk about it. They believe that the best way to fight racism is to pretend color doesn’t exist. I believe color is always in the room.”

Despite having an African American president in office, racism still surrounds our everyday life. Rashawn Ray, panelist and PhD student in the Sociology Department explains that racism not only exists in the United States but around the world.

“I think we still have a very big race problem not just in the United States because other people in this panel have noted all around the world whether it be France, Germany, Middle East, Asia. All these particular places if you have a chance to travel around to these different parts of the world you see the way in which race, ethnicity, and nationalism, and immigration function around the world.”

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