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Panel Discusses Rise In Young Suicides


Photo: Ozan Ozan (Flickr)

Suicide is on the rise among young people in the US.

The recent high profile suicides of Greensburg teenager Billy Lucas, and Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi have prompted community members to call for action to prevent these deaths. Kim Harvey, director of anti-bullying organization Angels and Doves, recently appeared on WFIU’s Noon Edition to talk about how parents and teachers can work to rid schools of bullying.

“When children leave their homes in the morning,” Harvey says, “how many are leaving with warmth and love and security? It’s not a lot. If they are not feeling that “warm and fuzzy” at home, and then go to school and don’t feel it, then it’s a total disconnect, and it’s not normal.”

Eric Love, Director of Diversity Education for Indiana University, often represents the GLBT community at IU and says people need to change their attitudes towards each other, and work on caring more about each other.

“In general, we need to bring back some level of civility, we treat each other terribly,” Love says. “All of these issues exacerbate teen suicide and hatred towards each other. We need some humanity.”

David Lee Miller, whose new film My Suicide, will premier in Bloomington October 15th, spoke to Noon Edition about raising awareness of teen suicides, and stressed the importance of frank, open discussions.

While statistics show suicide as the number two killer of adolescents, Miller believes an under-reporting in suicide deaths may actually mean suicides exceed the current number one killer of young people, auto accidents.

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