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Oppressive Heatwave Continues


Photo: Flickr/Karen Montgomery

Temperatures across part of the state top 100 degree today. With the humidity though, it will feel like it's well into the triple digits.

More than 30 states are under some type of heat advisory.  The heatwave that’s moving across the Midwest is bringing temperatures in the high 90s.  But coupled with the humidity it feels more like 115 degrees.  In Indiana, the heat wave could be the worst to hit the state in 70 years.  Those forced to be outside, like Charmene Johnson are having a difficult time finding words to describe how it feels.

“It’s hot.  It’s really, really, really hot and unbearable hot,” said Johnson.  “Just basically it’s hot.”

And there’s little relief in sight.  According to the National Weather Service, the high pressure system that’s causing the heat will continue to hang across the middle of the country through at least Saturday as it also builds eastward.

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