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Upland Shows Off Plans For New Location

Upland Brewery is showing off its plans to build to new facility along the B-Line Trail in Bloomington.  Interested people got to learn more about the company’s expansion and see plans for the new facility at an open house last night.  Brewery founder Doug Dayhoff showed guests drawings of what he envisions for the former RCA warehouse on West Grimes Lane.

“When it’s all said and done we will probably spend about $1.5 million to acquire the space and renovate it for brewing purposes.  Over time it will end up being much more but at least for starters that’s what we’re looking at,” said Dayhoff.

Upland won’t close its current location on West 11th Street.  Special projects manager Charles Stanley said that location will still act as the main attraction and the new location will be used for brewing beer for distribution.

“This is going to be our full scale production brewery,” said Stanley. “So in our current 11th Street location we are going to be having a small pilot system that will allow us to do experimental batches of beer in small quantities. Here is where the beer that gets distributed around Indiana, Wisconsin, Louisville, that is where all that beer will come from.”

Stanley didn’t specify a number, but he did say the expansion means the company will need to add more staff.  Upland’s new location is expected to be open by January.

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