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Officials To Ask For National Guard Help In Spierer Search

Col. Brian Copes

Photo: Indiana National Guard

The Indiana National Guard 119th Agribusiness Development Team in Khost Province, Afghanistan.

Speaking on WFIU’s “Ask the Mayor” Wednesday, Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan said discussions had begun about how and when National Guard troops could be added to the search.

“The issue is exactly how will they be asked to participate and where,” Kruzan said.  “We don’t simply want them to come in and not have direction and I don’t want to waste a minute of their time.  Yes, that’s been talked about and will probably be talked about today with the Governor.”

On Tuesday, Governor Mitch Daniels told WFIU he’s open to the idea of committing National Guard troops to combing the area for Spierer.

“I would absolutely ask the Guard to pitch in if somebody saw a role that they could uniquely fill,” Daniels said.

Still, Kruzan said it’s uncertain when troops could be sent to Monroe County even if a request is made and accepted…

“There is some time element that they need to deploy and how many people we’re talking about and again, where they would go, what kind of terrain – is this water, is this forest,” he said.

Kruzan said he’s meeting daily with Spierer’s parents and offering any available city resources to the search, from office supplies and use of city computers to relationships with Bloomington businesses which might aid the family.

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