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Occupy Indiana Rallies In Indianapolis

Occupy Bloomington

Photo: Claudia Lozano/WFIU News

The "Occupy" movement first started as a protest in New York and has spread throughout the nation. Many cities in Indiana including Bloomington, Columbus and Indianapolis are organizing protests.

The “Occupy” movement that began on Wall Street and has spread across the country has arrived in Indiana.

Though there are Occupy groups forming around the state, the first formal event will be in Indianapolis this weekend. Saturday, Occupy Indianapolis members will march downtown, and ralliers are all invited to speak to the crowd.

Kai Bennett is a student at Ball State University in Muncie. He got involved with Occupy Indiana after seeing a similar movement in Chicago, and he says, despite what some people have heard, the goal of the march is not to disrupt people’s lives.

“We don’t want to cause any trouble for the people of Indianapolis or make their lives any harder than what they already are due to the economic and social circumstances that they face,” Bennett says.

Bennett says because Occupy Indiana involves so many different activist communities and backgrounds, the movement does not have a unified message yet. He says the purpose of this weekend’s events is to get public awareness growing and try to develop future plans.

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