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Occupy Bloomington Participants Say Cold May Slow Protest

Occupy March

Photo: Joel Bustamante/WFIU News

Occupy Bloomington protestors march down Kirkwood Avenue.

Occupy Bloomington took to the streets once again Tuesday night in celebration of All Souls’ Day. The movement marched from its campsite at People’s Park to the Bloomington courthouse carrying signs and coffins meant to symbolize the death of the American dream.

As the group enters its second month of occupation, many question how long participants will continue camping at the park. Occupy member Justinian Dispenza says he feels the movement will carry on in spirit with or without the campsite.

“With the physical presence of the occupation, it might end as it gets colder; it might not,” Dispenza says. “It depends on what people decide, but I think the idea of community and people working together to stop corporate greed in our government, and the occupation as an idea won’t die out for hopefully a very long time.”

Occupy Bloomington will continue its protest with more demonstrations in the following months.

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