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Obama Says Clean Energy Key To Reducing Foreign Oil


Photo: Allison Harger/Flickr

President Barack Obama visited the Allison Transmission in Indianapolis Friday.

President Obama says the U.S. needs to continue investing in clean energy and reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil. He made the comments Friday while visiting the Allison Transmission plant in Indianapolis.

After meeting Governor Mitch Daniels at the airport, the President travelled to Allison to tour the facility and speak with workers. Before a crowd of employees and politicians, Mr. Obama spoke about the country’s energy future.

He says the kind of work being done at Allison with hybrid technology is important for America’s economic future as well.

“America’s economy is always going to rely on outstanding manufacturing,” Obama says, “where we make stuff, where we’re not just buying stuff overseas, but we’re making stuff here and we’re selling it to somebody else, and that’s what Allison’s all about.”

Ernie Hite is an electrician at Allison. He says he’s glad the president is shining a spotlight on the company.

“I’m not sure the state of Indiana knows how much we’re doing,” he says. “I hope that he will bring attention. We have transmissions in buses in Indianapolis as well as across the country, those are hybrid units.”

Mr. Obama says as long as he is President he will continue to invest in companies like Allison.

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