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Nobel Prize Professor Ostrom Talks Climate Change

A Thursday forum on climate change sought to make a complex topic more accessible to the public.

The forum’s keynote speaker, Nobel Prize-winning professor Elinor Ostrom, said the public must approach climate change differently than in the past.

“Some people tend to think of climate change as way out there,” said Ostrom. “If that is the only thing we think of, we’re not going to solve it. We’ve got to dig in, all of us. And so that is part of the theme of today.”

Topics ranged from more efficient heating and cooling systems in buildings to the role of land trusts in environmental conversation. Sycamore Land Trust CEO Christian Freitag said conservation efforts must come from all corners of society.

“If everybody would do things like…contribute to a local land trust or find some local outlet to contribute to an environmental conservation group, that would add up. Globally it would add up,” said Freitag.

Some campus officials say campus attempts to fight climate change depend on master planning for the future and the continued development of a sustainability office.

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