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Ninth District Race Begins, Twenty-Two Months Out

Twenty-two months before 9th District voters head to the polls, Paoli attorney Todd Young has begun campaigning for incumbent Baron Hill’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“You know, it’s a big step. I’m going to be attending a lot of chicken dinners,” Young said. “Acting like I’m the happiest guy on earth after getting no sleep for days on end.”

With that, Young kicked off his attempt to defeat incumbent Congressman Baron Hill, who was sworn in to a two-year term three weeks ago. But Young said he’s not running against Hill so much as he is trying to push his own resume.

Running as a “solid” conservative, Young said he’s been disappointed in recent Republican leadership and has heard the same from his party’s base during his early campaign through southern Indiana.

However, Young disputes assertions that November’s election was crippling to the party.

“It was an opportunity for us to pick ourselves up and rediscover those core principles, those core values that make us conservatives, that make us Republicans,” he said.

“For those that have a visceral, bad taste in their mouth about being Republican, I can understand that. Republicans lost our way….in the last two, four, six years. But we’re going to find our way back,” he said.

Young hopes he can lead the way back for 9th District Republicans, even though the vast majority may not know who he is.

Young said he already disagrees with some of President Barack Obama’s decisions since taking office. Even though Young’s chances in the race hinge somewhat on the success or failure of Obama’s presidency, he said he’s rooting for the new commander-in-chief.

“I see absolutely no conflict of interest. When Congress does something or Obama does something that I regard as being in the best interest of our country, I’ll acknowledge that,” Young said. “I very much hope that Barack Obama is the best president our country’s ever seen.”

During Young’s speech, a campaign worker in the back of the room worked on a laptop, registering the Website, The morning after, it simply read, “Check back often.”

Even though many 9th District voters haven’t had a chance to catch their breath since last fall’s elections, he said he has to start campaigning now…to make the right friends, shake voters’ hands, and raise the money it will take to battle Congressman Baron Hill, who spends in the millions.

Other 9th District Republican candidates include Columbus resident Travis Hankins, whose flyers were handed out to the 100 or so students at the meeting. Young said perennial 9th District candidate Mike Sodrel will probably not run a fifth time.

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