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New Development Brings New Lifestyle

Renwick Village CenterA new business and living concept makes Bloomington a new target. A project started almost five years ago gives residents the choice of living and working in the same area, without having the hustle and bustle of traffic, for example, but rather leisure and convenience for families and business owners.

Aaron Stolberg, the Renwick Developer says, “We wanted to make a project focused on pedestrians first and foremost and when you do something like that you need to give people a place to walk to so we’ve created lots of pocket parks throughout the project. Obviously a very safe pedestrian oriented streets scape and then also the Renwick Village Center so people can have a place to walk to for services like a coffee shop or something like Dr. Jerrells’ office.”

The first business tenant recognizes the potential of this new development.

Dr. Lisa Jerrells is a Physician and first tenant.  She says, “Well, I have a new concept in medicine and so I wanted that to be in an area that had a new concept in building also. So, I have a practice that is unique to Bloomington. I have a family practice and also a medical spa. So my goal is to treat the patient as an individual and I wanted to do that in a beautiful setting so this was a perfect choice for me.”

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