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National Security Advisor Speaks At Indiana University

Ben Rhodes worked under former Congressman Lee Hamilton for fiver years before joining the Obama campaign.

Photo: Harrison Wagner (WFIU/WTIU News)

Ben Rhodes worked under former Congressman Lee Hamilton for five years before joining the Obama campaign.

Indiana University’s School of Global and International Studies is hosting their inaugural conference on America’s role in the world this week. The conference’s keynote speak, Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, took time away from his job in Washington Wednesday to Skype in to an audience of students, political analysts, and IU faculty.

Rhodes worked under Former Congressman Lee Hamilton as a speechwriter before joining the Obama campaign in 2007. Rhodes says for America to be considered a world leader, it must use non-military means to influence change.

“One of the most underappreciated elements of foreign policy and leadership are the policies, the people, and connections, the investments that are relatively cost-effective,” he says.

He says the four biggest foreign policy issues the future President-Elect will encounter are terrorist groups in the Middle East and the fallout of their actions, claims on the South China Sea, cyber security concerns, and North Korea.

Senator Dan Coats and former Senator Richard Lugar will present at the conference Thursday.

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