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Nashville Working On New Noise Ordinance

The Nashville Town council and noise committee are working on a new noise ordinance to better define what level is acceptable within city limits.

Town Council President Bob Kirlin says the current policy is too vague and difficult to enforce.

“I think what we’re trying to clarify, especially for the community and the police department, is to have a good solid ordinance that if we need to enforce it that we can enforce. I think that’s the main thrust of really looking at the noise ordinance that we’re looking at now,” Kirlin says.

Under the current policy, police decide what an acceptable noise volume is.

Nashville K9 Officer Tim True, says the new policy will be easier to enforce and understand.

“I enforce anything that’s in black and white and do the best I can, but you know when it’s not clear…for especially the public. I think that’s where our biggest problem lies is the public. It’s not clear to them. It is just officer’s discretion is what it boils down to as far as noise,” he says.

Motorcycles and loud music are cited as the main disturbances.

The policy is on the agenda for Thursday’s council meeting, but it will still need further review before it’s adopted into law.

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