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Former Little Nashville Opry Property Up For Sale

Nashville Little Opry

Photo: Flickr/Elizabeth Nicodemus

The Little Nashville Opry burned in September 2009.

The property that formerly housed the Little Nashville Opry in Brown County is up for sale for the third time in two years.

The property located just outside Nashville on State Road 46 has sat vacant since the Little Nashville Opry was destroyed by a fire in 2009. It is up for tax sale next month as the county seeks to recoup at least some of the nearly $122,000 owed in back property taxes. Brown County Commissioners President John Kennard says the county is willing to settle for a much smaller sale price.

“So when we decided what we were going to do to get rid of it, the commissioners elected along with the treasurer’s advice to reduce that amount to the starting bid of $57,000,” he says. “So hopefully we will at least get the $57,000.”

Kennard says the property has two prospective bidders, one of which has presented architectural plans for a structure that would essentially replicate the former music venue.

Any future owner will be required to pay for major renovations in waste removal from the site. The property is located in an area prone to flooding, and Indiana building codes prohibit structures built within floodplains from operating off a septic system. The owner would need to pay for a sewer line hookup.

Nashville Town Superintendent Roger Bush says recent sewer access expansion has left the city with no money to assist a prospective owner with the sewer hookup.

“Obviously we’re borrowed to the hilt and cannot afford any additional expense,” he says, “so those new owners would have to completely pay to run that line out to that piece of property.”

Bush says adding that additional sewer line would cost about $350,000.

Earlier this month former Opry manager James Bowyer was arrested on charges of arson in connection with the 2009 fire. His trial is set for June 6.

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