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Musicians Showcase Talents

A group of Fairview Elementary School students are in the lime light today. After hard work on an eight week project, they are prepared to entertain. WTIU’s Shameka Neely reports.

About 50 first graders showcase their talents today, as friends, parents, fellow students, and teachers gather to support a local community school.

Dr. Brenda Brenner, Associate Professor of Music Education:  I feel this event is really just a picture of what we are doing in progress we worked really hard, with the kids to just progress in a very systematic way, through what we’re doing.

This partnership with IU School of music teaches the students useful skills in math, language arts, and music sectors.

Dr.  Brenner : It’s convincing the kids that their able to do these things and working with them so that they learn to believe in their own skills, which is really the whole purpose of us being there.

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