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Monroe Lake Goose Banding Tracks Migration Patterns

Boasting 11,000 acres of water and 13,000 acres of wildlife habitat, Monroe Lake is more than a place for recreation.

Rex Watters is a Wildlife Specialist at Monroe Reservoir.   His job is to be the caretaker of the wide range of biological diversity at Monroe Lake.

“We have most of the game species, we have many of the migratory species that will come through here like water fowl, the geese, the sand cranes,” said Watters.

Canadian geese molt in June – a process where they lose the majority of their feathers while growing new ones.  It leaves the geese with little choice but to walk or swim.

That’s when Rex and his crew round up them up for their annual goose banding.

They fence the geese in, age them and identify their gender before banding them with an identification number.

“That tells us about migration patterns, use patterns, do these birds stay all their lives in Indiana or are they moving or migrating like most birds do.”

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