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Monroe County’s Land Use Plan Could Restrict Development

CFC Properties’ president Jim Murphy – a leader of opponents to the plan — said the proposed land use model would freeze about 60-percent of the land in Monroe County, disallowing changes or development.  That’s because Murphy said the majority of the terrain in Monroe County falls under classifications such as vulnerable land, or land with a greater than 15-percent grade, that would prevent building in those areas.

“Sewer extensions are available in the Bloomington urbanizing area, which is where the economic development is supposed to occur, but when you do the overlays of vulnerable land there is very little land left to develop,” said Murphy.

But Monroe County Commissioner Marks Stoops, one of the plan’s authors, says Murphy is confusing the situation.

“With vulnerable land if you provide sewers for instance part of the vulnerability goes away. Which is a vulnerability to accept a high density of people on a septic system. So really the sewers are extended to areas that can handle an increased growth in the county,” said Stoops.

Stoops also said many community members are receiving misinformation about the plan.  He’s encouraging the public to ask questions before the commissioners take a final vote on it this summer.

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