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Monroe County Waits On Funding For Second Preschool Program

fairview elementary

Photo: Bill Shaw/Indiana Public Media News

Fairview Elementary School has a federally funded preschool program.

Monroe County School Board members are planning to create a second federally-funded preschool program in the district but say they will need to receive grant funding for the plan to come to fruition. Currently, only the Fairview Elementary School preschool program receives Title I funding, but administrators hope to stretch those dollars to cover preschool at Templeton Elementary as well.

Grant Coordinator Deb Prenkert says money given to the district for use in schools with high percentages of children from low-income families will be redirected under the plan.

“It won’t exactly be additional money. It’ll be shifting the current money to the preschool area,” she says. “So we’d like to open another preschool at Templeton, which has the second highest poverty here in MCCSC.”

The current funding pays for technology, instructional materials and staff salaries. Additional grants identified to help with the expansion must still be secured. Prenkert says the program would enroll 20 additional students at Templeton.

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