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Monroe County Volunteers Help Explain Health Care Exchange


Photo: Joe Hren

Participants for the Affordable Care Act Volunteer program met for orientation last night.

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act began Monday, but a recent Kaiser Health poll showed nearly three quarters of uninsured Americans didn’t  know when they could begin signing up.

Across the state libraries, hosptials and community groups are fanning out to educate the uninsured about their options.

In Monroe County David Meyer has formed a group called the Affordable Care Act Volunteers. He says they will work to provide the 15,000 uninsured residents in Monroe County accurate information about their insurance options

“They need to have a basic understanding and we want to make sure they get that and have that before they move on to talk about their individual situation,” Meyer said.

Nearly 40 volunteers met last night for an orientation session. Volunteers will not make insurance plan selections for individuals, but review the available options and answer questions.

The volunteer group is partnering with the City of Bloomington and IU Health to host community outreach events during the open enrollment period, which ends March 31, 2014.

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