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Monroe County Trucks Spend Day Pre-treating Roads For Ice

snow plow

Photo: Derrick Coetzee (Flickr)

Snow plows like this one haven't needed their blades much this winter, but the salt dispensers on the back have been put to work in the last day.

Even though there’s no guarantee the forecasted covering of ice will materialize overnight, Monroe County Highway Department officials had already completed pre-salting roads by mid-afternoon.

Highway Garage Assistant Superintendent Matt Grubb says crews spent the morning and early afternoon paying special attention to hills and bridges — traditional trouble spots during severe weather.

The county has only had to send its salt trucks out a handful of times during what’s been a winter of light precipitation, so the county’s stockpile of ice melt still more than fills the 27 trucks which can be sent out if the snow and sleet begin to pick up.

Grubb says his crew is on stand-by should the wintry mix begin to make travel sloppy, with each of the 27 drivers assigned a route in the county that is about 28 miles long.

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