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Monroe County Online Survey On Longer School Days Closes

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Photo: Indiana Public Media News

The Monroe County Consolidated School Corporation has been seeking parent input through an online survey.

A survey asking for parent input on Monroe County Schools’ expanded school day concludes Friday. The online survey has been available to parents this week to gauge the effectiveness of the longer school day that was implemented this year.

The Monroe County School Corporation’s extended school day has been met with both support and criticism from parents.

Tuli Mukhopadyay has a daughter in second grade at Unionville Elementary who struggled with the change at first.

“I think I can say now though second semester she’s gotten used to it and it’s better, but we’ve definitely cut out a lot of things after school,” she says.

Mukhopadyay says the survey is a good way to get feedback but she doesn’t think school officials will really understand the strain the new schedule has put on her family.

“A lot of the questions, I think were a little difficult to answer because it was did you like this or did you not,” she says. “It’s now become a question of we’ve adjusted to it, so it’s not that we still don’t like it or have issues with it. You just had to modify your schedule to adjust to it.”

The online survey is part of a study by IU’s Center for Evaluation and Education Policy. The results will be compiled in March and the center will make a recommendation to the District in April about whether or not it should adjust the schedule.

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