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Monroe County Highway Department Says It’s Prepared For Snow

Monroe County Highway Maintenance drivers filled their trucks with salt and sand as snow blanketed the area Tuesday morning. It was the first snowfall of the season–a late snow compared to last year when the area saw its first snow in November. Last winter there was a shortage of salt across many parts of Indiana, but officials say they are well-stocked for this year.

Assistant Highway Maintenance Supervisor Gary Hawkins says the late snow is great for the county’s budget, but bad for the drivers on the roads.

“Drivers get really careless and don’t adjust their driving speed,” he says. “But after the first snow, drivers adjust and get used to us being out on the road.”

The county spent a record $650,000 on snow and ice removal last year and had a difficult time stocking enough salt to treat roads. Hawkins says this year, they have a large reserve of salt and sand, and he is not worried about running out.

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