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At Least 17 Indiana Counties Under Burn Ban

Monroe County is under a burn ban beginning Friday because of the dry weather.

Bloomington Township Fire Chief Faron Livingston warned County Commissioners Friday morning about the dangerous conditions.

“We’re just so far down with what moisture content should normally be in June,” he says. “Everything’s just so dry that right now it’s a tinderbox and we’ve had several runs around the businesses in Bloomington.”

Livingston says many of the fires are caused by people tossing cigarette butts into mulch piles.  He says the lack of rain has caused the water table to go down and since the ground is so dry fires spread much faster.

“And then if you do go out on a run that’s out of control you get the same story where people say well I just stepped into the house to get a drink,” he says. “You know it’s that fast, it’s gone.”

Fourteen Indiana counties have issued burn bans including Knox and Vigo counties.

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