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Monroe County Electronic Equipment Running Smoothly

Monroe County has been conducting early voting with its primary voting center downtown as well as a traveling satellite location. After a two-day delay last November, the process has been must more efficient.

The county bought than $150,000 on electronic equipment for this year’s election. And poll workers and staff have put the technology to the test during early voting.

Republican Team Leader Gene Moncel says many poll workers have used the system themselves.

“Several are going to have already volunteered to be poll workers on election day and they will not be voting in their own precinct so they have to vote ahead of time,” she says.

This is how it works. You show your ID, get checked in electronically, verify your personal address information and pick up your ballot. Once the vote is cast, it’s dropped into a box for electronic tallying.

Democratic Absentee Election Board Member Albrecht Holschuh says the process is much smoother than last year.

“The greatest benefit will actually be at the tail end,” he says. “We will probably be able to announce reliable results certainly within the hour after the closing.”

The same equipment will be used at each of the precincts during the primary election on May 8.

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