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Monroe County District Three Commissioners Focus On Business

league of women voters

Photo: Alexandra Dierckman/WFIU-WTIU News

The League of Women Voters hosted a series of debates Tuesday night.

Monroe County commissioner candidates for district three discussed a range of issues Tuesday at a League of Women Voters forum.

Democratic incumbent Iris Kiesling said if she was re-elected, she would focus on the county’s comprehensive land use plan.

“But we also we have to pay attention to what the state’s proposing to do with I-69 so we can protect the businesses and the population that’s potentially going be affected by it.”

Libertarian candidate Dave Nakarado says he supports businesses in the community. But, he says, the companies need to be able to stand on their own without local government support.

“The business that do come [to Monroe Country] ultimately have to make a profit,” he says.

Republican candidate John Newlin was out of town and did not attend the forum.

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