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Cheryl Munson To Replace Travis On County Council Ticket

cheryl munson

Photo: Cheryl Munson for County Council

Cheryl Munson is expected to be appointed to the Democratic ticket for county council at-large.

Monroe County Democrats this evening are expected to name 2010 county council candidate Cheryl Munson to replace the late Sophia Travis on the party’s general election ticket. Munson says Travis has encouraged her to run this cycle, but she originally declined. Now, she has got less than 40 days to increase her name identification with voters.

“It’s certainly going to put me at a disadvantage because my name has not been out there and who knows how many people will remember from 2010,” Munson says.

Munson says she thought about entering this year’s May primary, but decided not to run against longtime friend Warren Henegar. Henegar lost that race and passed away himself in August.

Tonight’s meeting is not a caucus, like the one which elected Mark Stoops to take Vi Simpson’s spot on the ballot for the Indiana Senate. Instead, it is a party meeting where Democratic leaders will vote whether to give chairman Rick Dietz the authority to name Munson as Travis’ successor my acclimation.

Dietz declined to comment on the record about the process, referring instead to a letter he posted on the party’s website saying he feels Munson should be placed on the ballot because she finished second in a caucus earlier this summer to fill Julie Thomas’ spot on the council.

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