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Monroe County Commissioner Speaks Against Right To Work

Monroe County Commissioner Mark Stoops, union leaders, and other opponents of the right-to-work legislation spoke out to a group of more than 80 people last night at a town hall forum against the negative affects they say the bill would have on Indiana residents if it is passed.

Commissioner Stoops says the first problem with the bill is its name.

“It’s got nothing to do with a person’s right to work anywhere,” he says. “It has all to do with trying to decrease the viability of unions.”

Opponents of the bill say the legislation will weaken unions by allowing workers to receive the benefits of a union without paying for them.

Business Manager of the Local 2249 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Carven Thomas says the bill is not about workers rights but about the Republican Party gaining political power.

“This is a coordinated attack, nationally, by the Republican Party to silence the last big obstacle in their way for total control of the legislature,” he says.

No proponents for right to work were present to speak on behalf of the proposed legislature.

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