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Monroe County Airport To Fill In Three Sinkholes


Photo: WTIU News File

A metal sheet covers a sinkhole at the Monroe County Airport. Three sinkholes were discovered in 2011.

Monroe County Airport officials plan to start filling next month in three sinkholes discovered near the airport’s runway.

Monroe County Airport Director Bruce Payton says the airport has received a $11 million Federal Aviation Administration grant that will be used to do two things – fill in the sinkholes and repave the runway.

The sinkholes were filled in with concrete soon after they were discovered in 2011, but only as a temporary fix. Payton says the plan now is to remove all the soil down to the bedrock, and then start filling the holes in with stones.

“We will put in a layer of large stone that is one and half to two times the size in diameter of the crack or pipe. We will do several feet layer of that stone, we will put a finder layer, a filter stone on top of that.” Payton says.

Then, Payton says they will cover that with a tarp-like geotextile fabric, compact soil on top of that, and then repave the runway with asphalt.

He says the airport’s largest runway near the sinkholes will be closed during the work, but a smaller runway will remain open.

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