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Memorial Stadium’s North End Zone Tour

This summer, IU Athletics will unveil Memorial Stadium’s new north end zone.

“We can’t get our entire team in our present weight room,” says IU football coach Bill Lynch.

But come July that will change. The new north end zone’s ground floor will house a 36,000 square foot weight and training facility – one of the larger college gyms in the country.

“We’ll be able to get the entire football team in here plus other sports.”

The building is easily accessible from Mellencamp Pavillion. The tunnel serves as the main entrance. It has access to office areas, team meeting rooms and the iconic 3rd and 4th floors.

The main level is the hall of champions says IU construction manager Bob Louzon. “It’s kind of horse-shoe shaped. It’s going to have banquets, parties, fund raising events, whatever IU wants to use it for.”

On the outside, the addition adds roughly 5,000 more seats to Memorial Stadium, which is one of the smaller football venues in the Big Ten. But Director of Football Operations Harold Mauro says the new north end zone wasn’t just developed to boost attendance.

“The space that we have now when where we have our football offices will turn into an academic center. We’ll have computer labs in them, player lounges, tutor rooms and it will benefit all our student athletes over 24 sports.”

Construction officials say the project should be complete by July 26th. Coaches and players will be able to move into their new facility as early as August 1st.

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