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MCCSC Referendum to Figure in Bloomington Advertising

Despite his worries about funding school systems via referenda, Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan said his city’s upcoming advertisements will focus on the Monroe County Community School Corporation’s recently-passed budget measure.

For months, Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan has worried about what he calls the “crazy quilt pattern” of haves and have-nots he feels school referenda could create.  But the mayor admits perhaps it’s time to accept the realities of the current education funding structure, adding the city’s literature soon will tout the passage of the MCCSC’s  $7.5 million referendum.

“The city of Bloomington – our own economic development efforts – will focus on the fact that this community was willing to invest in itself, in its kids, its education,” Kruzan said.  “Because remember the thing that employers look for – they want to know about the quality of schools, the safety of the community, the amenities, infrastructure.”

Speaking on WFIU’s “Ask the Mayor,” Kruzan said he realizes the move highlights the fact his city is openly competing against similar municipalities for investment and jobs.  But he said Bloomington’s advertising will be careful not to defame other Indiana locales which have not elected to raise property taxes to fund schools.

“You don’t say ‘XXX community didn’t do it’, you just say ‘we did.’”

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