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MCCSC: Muncie Busing Issues Will Not Impact First Day Of School

MCCSC signed a busing contract with Auxilio Services this past March.

Photo: Bill Shaw (WFIU/WTIU News)

MCCSC signed a busing contract with Auxilio Services this past March.

The Monroe County Community School Corporation is confident its bus drivers will be prepared for the first day of school next week, despite another Indiana school district having problems with the same busing contractor MCCSC will use.

Muncie Community Schools cancelled classes Thursday and Friday during their first week of school due to busing problems. Angry parents complained to the district and on social media Wednesday that buses were late, drove by their children at bus stops without stopping, or never appeared at all.

Both MCCSC and Muncie Community schools signed contracts with the busing company Auxilio Services within the past year.

Public Information Officer for MCCSC Andrew Clampitt says in addition to annual summer training for drivers, the corporation is working closely with Auxilio on routes.

“I can’t speak for Muncie or what has gone on there, but I just know, confidently and comfortably, we’re ready for the first day of school,” he says.

MCCSC bus drivers will do dry-runs of their routes early next week before the first day of the school on Wednesday, August 9.

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