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MCCSC: First Day ‘Smooth’ With Minimal Bus Delays

school bus

Photo: Clayton Parker (Flickr)

The school corporation assured parents last week it expected no problems.

The Monroe County Community School Corporation began classes Wednesday morning with “minimal” problems with busing, according to a spokesperson.

Public Relations and Information Officer Andrew Clampitt says the first day of school is always slower than usual, as parents and kids meet bus drivers for the first time.

The school corporation assured parents last week it expected no problems, despite significant issues with Muncie Community Schools that forced officials to cancel classes two days in a row last week.

Both corporations are using a new bus service this year: Michigan-based busing company Auxilio Services. MCCSC made the decision to grant most routes to Auxilio in March, after years of bus driver shortages in the district that caused doubled-up routes and delays.

In the most recent bidding cycle, Auxilio was able to underbid existing owner-operators for 42 of the 43 available routes.

At the time, members of the community voiced various concerns in an 84-page report titled “No to Auxilio, Yes to Our Community.” The report says outsourcing jobs will take money out of the local economy.

But Clampitt told us in March that Auxilio would hire the local drivers for the route.

Clampitt says the app “Here Comes the Bus,” which tracks school buses as they drive the routes, experienced delays this morning. He says the app is not affiliated with Auxilio. Some parents pointed out delays and no-shows on Twitter.

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