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MCCSC Committee Presents Official Plan for Ref Money Use

MCCSC Bus Side

Photo: WFIU News Staff

The school board will have final say in what they money is actually used for.

The Monroe County Community School Corporation’s budget committee presented its post-referendum budget report and recommendations last night to the school board.

The MCCSC budget committee, headed up by corporation comptroller Tim Thrasher, released its non-binding report, which included the recommendation that 36 classroom teaching positions be restored. Most of the restored positions were eliminated February of last year. While the move will lower current class sizes, the new positions will most likely not bring the teacher-student ratio to the same level it was 2 years ago. The report recommends class size for grades 4-12 to be 30 students per teacher.

The committee also recommended adding 8 Literacy Coaches and 45 “preventionists” to the elementary schools. According to the report, the preventionists would work with students who need more help in certain subject areas in a more individualized environment.

According to Thrasher, the committee expects the school board to tweak the current recommendations based on community input.

“The school board has authority,” he says, “and I think the committee has the expectation that if after listening to community input, the board wants to allocate funds, or add positions, or cut positions that they don’t think are well-advises to hire, they can certainly do that.”

Monroe County resident Troy Byler is glad the school board will be taking community input, but worries that not all the positions are being restored. He’s particularly concerned about foreign language and says he worries foreign language skills will not be taught early enough

“I think we can go beyond pure restoration,” he says, “and actually do promoting of language learning at younger levels.”

The first public meeting will be 5:30 PM tonight at University Elementary School and 7PM Thursday at Summit Middle School.

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