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Ask The Mayor: Kokomo’s Greg Goodnight

Joe Hren sat down with Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight to ask him about several issues the city is facing.

We started with how the rebuilding process is going two months after tornadoes swept through the city and what financial help is available.

Here are some highlights from their conversation:

Goodnight: Most of the people were insured so it’s dealing with their own insurance companies at different levels. Most people are pretty positive. They’re just dealing with it the best they can.

Hren: There was a recent article about legislation that would get tornado warnings all on the same basis throughout the state but they mentioned how in Howard County the emergency warning mass communication plan went off fairly well here.

Goodnight: We do not have tornado sirens, and we never have. I’m actually not a proponent of tornado sirens. I think with the newer technology–cell phones, reverse 911, all the social media aspects, tornado sirens are an antiquated form. I don’t think it’s a good investment… so the legislation wouldn’t have any impact on Kokomo.

Hren: If there was one or two things you would want to focus on in 2014, what would it be?

Goodnight: Flood mitigation is one of our priorities. You can’t be a viable city if every 10 years or so you have a major flood that causes substantial, multi-million dollar damage to your community. The other things we are working on are making improvements in our park and trail system, improving connectivity for not only cars but we’re also trying and have succeeded I think in becoming more bicycle friendly, more pedestrian friendly.

Hren: When talking about the governor’s race, your name gets mentioned now and then. What’s your reaction to that as a possible candidate for governor?

Goodnight: I hear some of that myself, and it’s not something I am really even considering. There is a lot of grass that will have to grow between now and then. I’m am seriously focused and have quietly but not formally announced that I am planning on running for a third term in the city of Kokomo. There’s a lot of projects we’re working on that I want to see completed.

The video segment from “Indiana Newsdesk” will appear here Friday.

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