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Ask The Mayor: Greencastle’s Sue Murray

Mayor Sue Murray

Photo: Bill Shaw

Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray

Host Joe Hren sat down with Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray who shared her thoughts on FEMA’s help for winter storm aid, road construction Stellar Grant projects and her tips for recent college graduates.

Listen to their full conversation above.

Here are some highlights:

Hren: Putnam County was one of 19 counties receiving aid from FEMA for winter storm aid AFTER being denied. I assume this is a big help to the city budget.

Murray: There will be meetings this week as a matter of fact at our local EOC to try and have the state help us work through what the issues are, but most certainly there were extra expenses in terms of hours people spent, product that was used and other groups that had to be called out to help keep the roads open.

Hren: A few projects created by the Stellar Grant are finishing up, just in time for spring. What should people be looking out for as the weather warms up and they venture outside?

Murray: More construction! We’re still completing work in the downtown right now. We’re doing road construction on Indiana Street which is a complete road rebuild. We have three more months of that project to look forward to. Then we’re moving on to more phases of the Stellar work. Our second phase of facades is being prepared to go out to bids right now. We have eleven property owners involved in the second round.

Hren: Commencement is coming up for colleges and universities, what do recent graduates need to prioritize before heading out to the job market?

Murray: Their top priorities I hope is to find their passion. To connect with the wonderful resources that I know we have available through the university and alumni who are very willing to help out and engage and find opportunities for graduates coming out.

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