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Mayor Brown, Redevelopment Commission Bearish On Sports Park

Columbus Bike racks

Photo: Kevin Doran

Mayor Brown says the loss of financial support from the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation may have helped doom the sports complex.

Although $1.5 million has already been invested, it now appears unlikely there will be an outdoor sports complex in Columbus‘ future.

Due to flooding concerns, land near 1st and Lafayette has been eliminated from consideration. But as a newly-appointed redevelopment commission looked at other sites Monday night, Mayor Kristen Brown says she came to the same conclusion as all the commission members.

“I don’t think there’s another venue today for the outdoor sports complex, Brown said. “It’s also problematic that the [Bartholomew Consolidated] School Corporation has gone on and are building two of the fields at Southside [Elementary School].  So I don’t see a near-term future for the outdoor sports complex should this commission decide not to proceed.”

The commission will hold a special meeting next Monday to determine the fate of the project.

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