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Martinsville Calls For Pedestrian Crosswalk On SR 37

Martinsville residents are calling for pedestrian safety measures at a State Road 37 intersection near the high school.

To get from Martinsville High School to the shopping center, pedestrians have to walk over a torn fence and cross a busy highway. Last month, a 28-year-old man was hit and killed by a car as he was trying to cross the highway.

“We have requested the state again to give us a limited pedestrian access even with a push button stop light, the state is in complete control of authorizing and granting permission, and as of today, they have not agreed to allow anything back there,” Martinsville Mayor Phil Deckard says.

But Indiana Department of Transportation spokesman Will Wingfield says the city would have to partner with INDOT and nearby property owners to install a crosswalk, and INDOT needs to take I-69, which is set to replace SR 37, into consideration.

“We would need to funnel all that pedestrian traffic to one location, and we have ongoing discussions with the community as we plan for the future with I-69 Section 5, what type of accommodation can be installed in that area as a result,” Wingfield says.

Construction on the section of Interstate 69 that runs through Martinsville is expected to begin next year.

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