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Marion County Clerk Announces Bid For Secretary Of State

Beth White

Photo: Sam Klemet, WFYI

Democrat Beth White announced her plan to run for Secretary of State.

Marion County’s clerk announced today she is running for Secretary of State.

White will likely be running against incumbent Connie Lawson, who Gov. Mitch Daniels appointed after Sec. of State Charlie White was accused of voter fraud and removed from office.

White admits her record as Clerk is not perfect, but says Marion County’s voting system is in better shape now because of her work.

‘Twelve election is a  lot of elections. We have tried hard to do what’s right by the people of Marion County. I stand by my record,” she says. “Many people may make that an issue. I have plenty of things to say, but I have helped the people of Marion County much much more than the problems we’ve had with elections.”

White is particularly concerned with the state’s voter identification law which she doesn’t believe will be repealed.  But she vows, if elected, she will work to have it changed.

“Since it is the law of the land, here’s what I believe,” she says, “I believe it must be moderated. We must moderate the law. Other states have figured out in a commonsensical way to do different things.”

White has served two terms as Marion County Clerk.

If elected as Secretary of State, she will be the first Democrat to hold the position in 20 years.

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