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Man Involved in Police Shooting Killed Himself

A preliminary autopsy report shows the man involved in a police shooting Tuesday in Bloomington killed himself.  State police, federal agents, and US Marshalls were tracking Bryan Wright because there were two warrants out for his arrest.  When they located Wright Tuesday outside a Bloomington bar, he got out of his truck holding a gun.

“Wright exited the vehicle and had a gun at his head then Wright put it down to his chest, then he put it back to his head, and all this time police were telling him put the gun down, put the gun down. And it didn’t’ happen.  Wright put the gun back up to his head and fired the fatal shot,” said Sgt. Curt Durnil.

Bloomington post public information officer, Sgt. Curt Durnil says police knew Wright was a danger to himself and to law enforcement.

“He has made statements earlier that week and the week prior that he was going to take a hostage and that he was going to fight law enforcement in any such way as to not have to return to jail,” Durnil said.

Durnil says he doesn’t know if Wright fired any shots at the officers or if the officers fired their weapons at Wright.  The investigation into the case is continuing.  Meanwhile the officers involved in the shooting are on standard administrative duty.

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